A Liberated and Unconquerable Wigger Cowboy Lisan al-Gaib [“special rice forced to Bach every station”]

Episode 252: A Liberated and Unconquerable Wigger Cowboy Lisan al-Gaib [“special rice forced to Bach every station”]

Show notes

Dimes and Judas discuss buying a chicken coop with the sole purpose of putting yourself in a self-defense situation to eat coyote, the political firestorm known as The Californian Ideology, and on Movie Korner review wrestling comedy-of-errors The Iron Claw. After touching on the news of 80% of Americans being exposed to harmful chemicals through their cereals, they review the book “Vax-Unvax: Let the Science Speak” by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Here he collects a suite of studies from around the world revealing the injuries and long-term health impacts of the over 70 vaccinations that are pushed on children. Lastly on this edition of The Copepranos Society, Dimes welcomes back Dark Enlightenment for a rip-roaring tour through recent news including Leftists identifying with alien insects, Jon Stewart’s return to fake news, and the arrest of Tommy Rousseau of Patriot Front.


00:32 – Judas Wants to Change his Name Because he Keeps Getting Banned

02:39 – Candace Owens Smoking Menthols at the Neocon Cigar Circle

04:39 – Millennials are Set in their Weird Aesthetics and Completely Over

12:09 – The Political Implications of UFO Tricked by Dummy Nuke

16:03 – Tech-Revolution Fans and the 3D Printing Hangover

25:43 – Tech Optimism and e/acc Explained

30:05 - The California Ideology Explained

43:58 –Resource Crisis meets Competency Crisis and Grants Sovereignty to Parallel Canadian Societies

52:59 – Judas Must Save a Factory Overflowing with Indian Feces

57:13 – Movie Korner: The Iron Claw

1:08:19 – Ric Flair and the Eternal Party, Hulk Hogan Lies

1:18:12 – Important Show Updates

1:21:24 – Crimes Chat: Ted LaFaro

1:33:28 – A Convoluted Plot to Entrap Coyotes and Eat Them

1:38:27 – New Study Concludes 80% of American Poisoned by Cheerios

1:42:46 – “Vax-Unvax” Discussion Begins

1:44:46 – Personal Experiences with Vaccinating Children in Canada and Hong Kong

1:48:07 – A Note about the Data and How to it

1:50:11 – The Need for Long Data Collection Windows and Rising Cancer Rates

1:56:02 – The CDC Development of Harmful Chicken Pox Vaccine

1:59:14 – The Lazarus Study and Overall Likelihood of Vaccine Injuries

2:05:34 – Control Group Study on Unvaccinated Americans

2:09:49 – The Rotavirus Fiasco

2:14:10 – Covid-19 Vaccines and Risk of Injury

2:22:30 – Dark Enlightenment Interview Begins

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