Dark 2x Speed Duckman Nationalism [CENSORED]

Episode 164: Dark 2x Speed Duckman Nationalism [CENSORED]

Show notes

After Judas' frontline reporting on how Hong Kong is imprisoning entire families in Covid shipping containers at random now, the BOLG Boys discuss women choosing rapists over gotcha-dorks, Pfizer copping to over 1,000 vaccine side effects, lauded content creator Academic Agent's latest anti-elite political movement of "Get Them Out," and the new Batman movie. Dimes also talks about the book "Devil Take the Hindmost" by Edward Chancellor, using it as a launchpad to recite a brief history of financial booms, busts, and evolving financial speculation originating in Europe, seeking to answer the question: why do we do financial speculation at all? They get the answer, but you'll have to listen.

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