Graduating MIT for Goonering and Teacher Pitting [“Ye was on some frikken myelin”]

Episode 247: Graduating MIT for Goonering and Teacher Pitting [“Ye was on some frikken myelin”]

Show notes

Dimes and Judas discuss the wildfires of 2023 being started by a wildfire conspiracy guy, accumulating wealth of human relationships over money to exist in the inevitable future of Canada hollowed out of productive business and becoming a global destination for cutting edge trolling of minorities, and review the classic movie Zardoz. Then after dissecting a recent study that shows while birthrates are dropping overall, we are seeing birthrates increase with families that already have many children, they discuss the book “The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere” by Jürgen Habermas. There they explore the emergence of the bourgeoise class in Europe, how it existed as a dynamic educated space to interface with power and its subjects, and how these public and private spheres became completely inverted in the modern era. Lastly on this episode of The Copepranos Society, Dimes speaks with the legendary Frodi Midjord, proprietor of Guide to Kulchur and the Scandza Forum, to discuss the complex formation of parallel folk networks in the 21st century. This is one for the history books so get out in front of it!


00:20 – The Fatherly Relief of Putting Christmas to Bed

04:30 – Judas’ Giant Hayseed Scammed Tycoon Grandfather

10:19 – Buying a Kitchen Set for a Little Boy: Tarnation?

18:43 – Canadian Wildfires of Summer 2023 Caused by Wildfire Conspiracy Guy

21:44 – Atlanta: The Blackest City is Also the Gayest and AIDSest

24:50 – Vermont Orgies are the Business Conferences of Sex

26:53 – Blood $atellite Travel Show Pitch

28:51 – Accenture and ArriveCAN Scandals Rocking Canadian Taxpayers

35:28 – Universal Healthcare and UBI Arranged Against Old Stock Canadians

47:29 – “The Jeet Shaker” Greentext

50:49 – Hollowing Out Canadian Business to Make a Nation of Bigoted Welfare Trolls

56:15 – Movie Korner: Zardoz

1:13:38 – Crimes Chat Segment: Honkey Night in Canada

1:22:42 – Fertility Rate Study Showing Big Families are Having More Kids Despite Overall Decline

1:30:27 – “Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere” Review Begins

1:32:38 – What Are the Bourgeoisie?

1:37:13 – The Public Sphere vs. Private Sphere

1:42:48 – The Emergence of the Bourgeois Class Through Trade

1:45:54 – Salon Culture

1:50:45 – Centralization of Individualism in the Bourgeois Family and Home

1:54:55 – The Educated Strata Defining the Lower Classes in its Own Image

1:57:57 – How the Private Sphere Becomes the Walled-Off Public Sphere

2:01:19 – The Modern Sham-Public Sphere of Commoditized Critique

2:16:16 – Frodi Midjord Interview begins

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