Gulag of the Reply Guys [v2.2]

Episode 111: Gulag of the Reply Guys [v2.2]

Show notes

Yoode and Die go off like lush princes about the book Capital by Karl Marx and On Ideology by Louis Althusser and put this whole Communism thing to bed once and for all. Along with that, one can expect the Steven Segal Grift, adapting to Asian Entertainment for survival, advertisements being the opposite of brainwashing, misogyny, and some other bits I can't keep skipping through and doing your job for you.

Timestamps: 4:15 - Autistic Movie Trailer Talk From My Grandmas Basement 10:50 T- ed Cruz the Zodiac Killer God King of North America Rift 13:50 - Dimes Gets a Hard Off for K-Pop 19:20 - State Funded Clown College 24:03- Bluetooth Headset Go! 27:20 - I’m Literally a BBQ Advertisement It’s a Lifestyle 31:06 - Doing Gay Shit to own the Squares 34:25 - I’m Gonna Rape You and Destroy Your Bloodline……Yes 39:25 - The Guy With All The Bags Rift 42:20 - Dimes and His Poo 45:38 - Suspended From Twatter Again 52:20 - Capitalism VS Marxism Books Review 1:44:10 - They did a Fight Club Sequel

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