I am Become You, the Literally of Me ["Hilux in the garage door"]

Episode 229: I am Become You, the Literally of Me ["Hilux in the garage door"]

Show notes

In this definitive Everything Is Fake sode, Dimes and Judas discuss Meta blocking news in Canada due to a journalistic shakedown, the various conspiracy theories surrounding the recent wildfire that devastated Maui, and the increasing acceptance of geoengineering and the war on climate. This leads into an in-depth review Modern Monetary Theory, primarily citing “The 7 Deadly Innocent Frauds of Economic Policy” by Warren Mosler. Here Judas and Dimes investigate and even debate the existence of money, the role of taxes as a form of control, and the true nature of deficit spending in the interest of growth. Can fiat currency be used to fuel infinite growth with the right application? CHECK IT!

Timestamps: 4:19 – Andrew WK Conspiracy Theory Explanation

12:00 – Meta/Facebook Blocking News in Canada

27:54 – The Collapse of News Conglomerates

35:08 – Capital Windfalls and the Limits of Right-Wing Organizations

49:2 –Maui Wildfire Conspiracy Theories Vindicated

1:02:42 – A Defense of Directed Energy Weapons in the Sky

1:11:09 – Robert Bigelow’s Stories from Skinwalker Ranch

1:18:22 – The Inevitability of Chemical Geoengineering

1:24:50 – Journalist-Coloured Lasers

1:30:46 – “The 7 Deadly Innocent Frauds of Economic Policy” Discussion Begins

1:37:37 – The Liberation of the Dollar from Gold

1:39:05 – Modern Monetary Theory Explained

1:40:45 – The Federal Government Does Not Rely on Taxes for Spending

1:45:15 - The Pensions Never Run Out

1:54:16 – Taxes as a Form of Consumer Control

1:58:50 – Is Money Real?

2:12:59 – The Impossibility of Paying Off National Debt

2:19:19 – Warren Mosler’s Economic Policy Suggestions

2:23:28 – Mosler Automotive Design

2:25:53 – The Judas Take on MMT

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