Inside U There Are 2 Wolfs Gellied Meat Wolf and Divorce Wolf ["addict as the overton window"]

Episode 220: Inside U There Are 2 Wolfs Gellied Meat Wolf and Divorce Wolf ["addict as the overton window"]

Show notes

After taking a week off ACK Dimes and Judas are back with an easily too-long review of Fast X and the political ramifications therein, the likely ecoterroristic origins of the recent wildfires in Quebec, and the latest government extraterrestrial disclosures in the form of David Grusch's reports to congress. This builds into a discussion of Halford Mackinder's Heartland theory, citing the book "Heartland: Three Essays in Geopolitics." This presents a distinct framework through which to view global power politics, centering the Eurasian continent as the center of world domination ambitions. Lastly on this edition of The Copepranos Society, Dimes and Judas speak with financial expert J Burden and they discuss the practical importance of getting your finances in order to form breakaway communities.

Timestamps: 1:15 – We are Back on Twitter 4:45 – Blood $atellite Meme Contest Announcement 11:36 – Movie Korner: Fast X Review 21:13 – Vin Diesel Bullied in High School For his Miniscule Guts 36:38 – The Weather in Ontario is Smoke 39:18 – Credible Rumors of Arson Causing the Quebec Wildfires 45:10 – Statistics on Wildfire Causes 48:34 – True North News WRONG For Revealing History of Wildfire Arson 51:16 – The National Post Covers Up Eco-Terrorism 59:16 – Puzzling Government Denial Makes Conspiracy Likely 1:04:02 – The David Grusch Government UFO Disclosure 1:09:01 – The All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office 1:14:41 – Dimes is Annoyed at People Saying Not to Pay Attention to UFO Disclosure 1:24:06 – The Demographic-Grounded Desire to Wildly Speculate is Important 1:26:52 – The Anti-White-MAGA New Yorker Cover and Demographic Replacement 1:30:11 – The Incoming Narrative of White People as Anti-Natal 1:40:45 – “Heartland” by Halford Mackinder Discussion Begins 1:42:44 – European Unity was Shaped by Outside Forces 1:46:58 – The World Island and the Geography of the Heartland 1:38:32 – The West has been At War with Russia for Centuries 1:50:08 – Naval Power vs. Land Power for Global Domination 1:53:10 – The Modern Power Struggle as an Evolution of Rome vs. Greece 1:55:33 – The War in Ukraine as Russian Containment Strategy in Offensive Realism 1:59:24 – There is no America, There is Only the Western Civilization Power Bloc 2:08:13 – J Burden Interview Begins

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