John Void Selling Grannies at the Latin Grammys ["in the blues musicians are doing all the vanguard"]

Episode 222: John Void Selling Grannies at the Latin Grammys ["in the blues musicians are doing all the vanguard"]

Show notes

Our most controversial meandering-sode yet, Dimes and Judas discuss having your balls obliterated while coyote hunting, tips gathered from Dimes' 3 month fatherhood anniversary, and why political handsomemaxxing can get you socially annihilated. This leads into a discussion of the book "The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order" by Samuel P. Huntington, where the boyz explore the 21st Century geopolitical paradigm of civilizations over nations and how deep cultural and historical identities will both amalgamate and redefine global conflict. Lastly, on this edition of The Copepranos Society, Dimes speaks with Endeavour, a popularman who tells the story of being a Canadian living abroad in Russia, the political realities that guided this decision, and possible outcomes in a global technocratic society.


1:24 – Dimes’ Terrible Paleocon Meme 2:40 – Matt Walsh Says Nazis Persecuted Nazi Transgender Clinics 5:55 – Conflict-Carbonara-Gate 16:59 – Black Neo Can’t Rotate Shapes In The Matrix 20:22 – Mickey Mouse’s Balls Obliterated While Coyote Hunting 25:41 – Dimeschild 3 Month Update 34:08 – Older Generations Lack Practical Advice on Child Rearing 53:16 – The Best Age to Start a Family? 1:03:33 – Handsomemaxxing as Political Praxis 1:07:32 – Ontological Physiognomy Check 1:10:58 – The Precarious Danger of Wearing Suits 1:16:50 – The Longhouse Explained 1:20:40 – One Guy in Pittsburg Bringing Seersucker Back 1:29:27 – “The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of the World Order” Discussion Begins 1:31:31 – Broad Civilizations Defining Global Conflict 1:33:29 – The Geopolitical Reality of Whiteness 1:37:35 – What a Civilization Is 1:40:45 – What Happens when South America is Absorbed Into the West 1:43:41 – Civilizations Require a Core Area 1:47:10 – Civilizational Consciousness Maximizes Due to Globalization 1:51:52 – The Globalization of English De-Ethicized It 1:55:35 – The Invariance Hypothesis 1:58:47 – The Limitations of Economic Alliances and Friendshoring 2:06:21 – What is a Torn Civilization? 2:10:15 – Why Islam Struggles to Become a Civilization 2:17:01 - Endeavour Interview Begins

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