#KillVaporwave Meme Contest Stream Audio

Episode 225: #KillVaporwave Meme Contest Stream Audio

Show notes

The very first LIVE STREAM from Blood $atellite, this is a recording (not a replay) without the live chat because the real version had some minor technical difficulties at the start so this is a superior viewing experience. In this stream we review all the submissions for the #KillVaporwave Meme Contest and select a winner, discussing the themes and concepts in depth along the way. Watch the FULL video stream on our Odysee channel here: https://odysee.com/@BloodSatellite:3/meme-contest-winners-circle:5?lc=7ae6e117ba0d380058bd327f6fe86fc4a27b5d4ff0d301f6db3d5d48b09dc008

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