Lib Ownership K Line Go Down [“Gang Yeah”]

Episode 188: Lib Ownership K Line Go Down [“Gang Yeah”]

Show notes

In what might be the dumbheadedest episode in memory, the boyz discuss Ron Desantis’ experiments in immigrant reallocation, Dimes recounts a dream starring ROTC’s Mersh at a Jabbawockeez strip club, Alex Jones’ Sandy Hook show trial, and a surprise x-treme Dimes announcement. Then they string together an intricate web questioning the value of owning the libs, which branches off into an study of treason-aesthetics by way of the works of Bronze Age Pervert and Yukio Mishima. Lastly on this installment of The Copepranos Society, Dimes hashes it out with Paul Fahrenheidt about Blood Meridian, the specific dynastic families who run global affairs, and the deals that are brokered with a very real Lucifer. You’re going to need to buckle up for this, because there’s no cast like this cast, anycast!

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