NETTR Cancelled MEAAM Greenlit ["evidence of treating sex as long form font"]

Episode 236: NETTR Cancelled MEAAM Greenlit ["evidence of treating sex as long form font"]

Show notes

Dimes and Judas discuss Trudeau buying the show, the importance of celebrating when your enemies are consumed by their own mad designs, and a deft analysis of the current war underway between Israel and Palestine, specifically the puzzling allegiances forming and the proliferation of atrocity pornography. This segues into a discussion of utilizing technology to create new supranational networks, citing the book “The Network State” by Balaji Srinivasan. Drawing parallels to modern movements, they unravel the step-by-step guide on how to form a cohesive breakaway community, build it into a functional society, and attain sovereignty on the world stage by leveraging 21st century technology. How about this for a One Commandment: listen and learn! Sponsored by Axios Coashing:


1:31 – Nightmaring a Room Full of Women While Fantasizing of Trades

10:17 – Bringing a Broom to a Brother War

14:28 – Canadian Government Planning to Regulate Podcasts

18:24 – Progressive Activist Ryan Carson Murdered in Street

29:35 – Blood $atellite Windows 95 Murder Allegory

36:50 – Good Svffer Update, Vanguardist Journal Update

43:25 – Unapproved Axios Coaching Ad Read

50:14 – Israel V. Palestine 2023 and Propaganda Fandoms

56:43 – Being Demanded to Pick a Side with a Snootjak

1:00:59 – Prey-Thinking and Grasping the Specter of Self Interest through Third Worldism

1:11:18 – The Greenlight on Bloodlust for Jews and Libs

1:15:53 – Atrocity Claims Immediately Disseminated

1:20:21 – Zionists Flooding Into the Right from the Browning Left

1:34:10 – “The Network State” Discussion Begins

1:40:10 – The Network State Defined

1:43:02 – From Network Union to Network Archipelago

1:46:44 – The Role of the Blockchain

1:51:49 The One Commandment as Effective Seeding

2:00:38 – The Left/Right Axis Is Permanent

2:07:17 – The Cancel-Proof Society as an Example

2:10:02 – The International Intermediate as a Decentralizing Force

2:13:21– Comprehensive Steps for How to Create a Network State

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