Noided, Voided, Freakazoided ["Jaman fio knows accents in the potatoes"]

Episode 192: Noided, Voided, Freakazoided ["Jaman fio knows accents in the potatoes"]

Show notes

The BOLG Boyz have been assailed by a submarine of shame, unable to record a new interview of Copepranos Society due to a scheduling crisis and God taking with both hands. In other show, they discuss what John Fetterman vs. Dr. Oz means for the online infuriated, a review of V/H/S 1999 and by extension the rise in Budget Horror paired with romantic drama, and a strategy for how to avoid falling into the "lives matter" psychological framework of our opponents. Lastly, we explore the infiltration of America by Eastern spiritualism throughout the 20th century with the book "Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future" by Seraphim Rose. Here a strong case is made that nihilism has spread throughout American society through the counterculture movement by adopting foreign spiritualism and grafting it onto the dominant religion, and if we are to have a conversation about Christian Nationalism, we must dissect the several flashpoints of subversion that irrevocably changed American Christianity. This is worth your time, I swear on a GUN.

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