Putin Floyd Types Erratas [sniperb0r3a]

Episode 162: Putin Floyd Types Erratas [sniperb0r3a]

Show notes

This episode, Dimes recaps his appearance on Politically Provoked and his promise to drive down to Philadelphia and molest a Discord mod, as well as the flurry of narratives emerging from Russia Vs. Ukraine that has resulted in saying Putin has Long-Covid and Russian children are no longer allowed to have toys. They also discuss civilizations measured by their capacity to innovate, Rothschild Zoom meeting backgrounds, and exciting Yak-Back humiliation rituals to bully Canadian politicians over Covid. Lastly, they dive into the mythology of Aryan polar myths and hyperborea, exploring the book "Arktos: The Polar Myth in Science, Symbolism and Nazi Survival" by Joscelyn Godwin. This lays out the entire framework and surprising scientific backing of this set of esoteric histories, including Agartha, Atlantis, and the meaning of the black sun.

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