The Absolute Ladness of this Chicanery [KuznetKlownKlub]

Episode 95: The Absolute Ladness of this Chicanery [KuznetKlownKlub]

Show notes

The BOLG Boys round out the Mike Pence / Kamala Harris debate, discuss emergent artforms that the dissident right can move into and own easily, a short review of Paul Blart: Neo Nazi (Becky,) and end with an economic discussion of the book Global Inequality by Branko Milanovic, including the permanenet annihilation of the Western middle class and of democracy, the identitarian revolutionary lower classes never being appeased with wealth redistribution, and how the Kuznet wave will further stratify equality across the entre globalized world with only the West taking the financial hit. It's a good one, tell your furious ancestors!

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