The Costanza Hyperreality [marilynmansonbalanced]

Episode 110: The Costanza Hyperreality [marilynmansonbalanced]

Show notes

Judas is in a swamp state cause his baby is sick, but nonetheless the BOLG Boyz get to discussing what the concept of hyperreality is as well as the book Simulacra and Simulation by Baudrillard, the recent #metoo accusations directed towards Marilyn Manson, George Costanza being the hero of the schitzo doomer Right, and some other bits in there.

Timestamps: 11:30 - Nothing Ever Ends and People Never Die 23:15 - Marxist Hyperreality and Simulacrum 29:05 - Manufactured Revolution and Who Knows Why They Do Anything Really? 38:00 - Universal to Local Hyperreality 44:05 - LOTR vs George RR Martin 55:43 - Laughing at Our Own Schizophrenia 1:01:05 - Marilyn Manson #MeToo and Geriatrics

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