The Downton Abbey Theme Song Puts Me On Edge [“Dwarf Takes”]

Episode 177: The Downton Abbey Theme Song Puts Me On Edge [“Dwarf Takes”]

Show notes

This was recorded a few days ago before the Abortionpocalypseocaust, but we're still firing on all pistons: the Canadian government seeks to make gun ownership illegal for white people, Judas believes the cover of "Bitches Ain't Shit" by Ben Folds was an original song, and a prolonged cope session attempting to redeem hipsters through consumerism. They then discuss how the evolution of scientific paradigms in fact mirror political upheavals, citing the book "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions" by Thomas Kuhn, and explaining not only how paradigms are formed but also how they fall into crisis and are challenged by creative vanguards. Lastly, the Copepranos Ropeciety interview segment features the celebrated Dave Martel - Editor of Bizarchives and Host of The Bog and Cvltvre Dads - and he and Dimes explore the value of pulp genres, how to orchestrate a successful creative movement, opportunities in independent publishing, and the tribulations of Faded Metal T-Shirt Race trying to like things in hyperreality. Music from James Peers:

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