The Nuclear Costanza of Solemn Providence  ["signs no wave requires a dying"]

Episode 217: The Nuclear Costanza of Solemn Providence ["signs no wave requires a dying"]

Show notes

Dimes and Judas discuss the new marketing strategy of organizations sacrificing employees at the altar of woke controversies, the much-ballyhooed double-decker-outhouse, and the recent avalanche of news outlets claiming that activist group Patriot Front are secretly federal agents. They then discuss the book “The Revolutionary Phenotype” by JF Gariepy, peering back billions of years to the process through which DNA overtook RNA and how a similar biological process could spell the end for humanity. Lastly on this edition of The Copepranos Society, Dimes sits down with man-about-online Aelthemplaer – Formerly Cringewalker – to discuss the concepts of Eunuchracy, the Siege Economy, and the dynamics of Elite family dynasties in American politics. It’s extremely good, gehead!

Timestamps: 2:44 – Judas goes to Ghost Auctions 8:25 – Judas Ruins His Home With Contraptions 13:54 – Dishwashing Veterans 16:20 – The Ballad of Uncle Trout 21:20 – Retired Mafia eCeleb Feuds 28:34 – The Double Decker Outhouse 33:31 – Breaking into Abandoned Malls to Start Businesses 44:10 – Heckler & Koch Social Media Maven Woman-Drives into Controversy 47:12 – Using woke controversies as a way to publicly sacrifice the accursed share of boss bitches 56:20 – Patriot Front in the News, everyone believes they are Feds 1:00:38 – The Play is to Make You Believe Proper Organization Isn’t Possible 1:06:00 – How To Achieve Not Being Pilloried 1:11:28 – Blood Tribe Stole Our Brand Of Being Realtors With Face Tattoos 1:14:37 – The Right as an Anti-Entropic Aggregation 1:27:23 – The Revolutionary Phenotype Discussion Begins 1:30:30 – Difference between DNA and RNA 1:32:36 – How Tools of Replicators Become Replicators Themselves 1:39:35 – What is a Phenotype? 1:44:18 – The RNA World Hypothesis and the DNA Phenotypic Revolution 1:49:31 – What is a Quene? 1:55:58 - What is a Qream, and Forgetful Lifeforms 1:59:34 – The Phenotypic Revolution that Destroys DNA and the Human Race 2:12:51 – Aelthemplaer Interview Begins

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