The Roman Balaal Corporative Gets Upbernied [trotskeetidk]

Episode 154: The Roman Balaal Corporative Gets Upbernied [trotskeetidk]

Show notes

Dimes and Judas talk about internet debating in a just world hostile to all research, paying egirls to be publicly sacrificed to drunk schizos, piping Jack murtphy's and designing an end to endless discourse. They also discuss the concept of imperialist neoliberalism, and Dimes describes his research into the nature of Canadian law (essentially globalist law,) laying down how the legal system does not even really exist except as a force amplifier for the bureaucracy to grant boons to the aggrieved individual on a case-by-case basis. Separate from any core civilizational values outside of individual pursuits and subjective experience, this makes it impossible for dissidents to appeal to without expertise in manipulating it or influencing judges. Basically it's a history of Canadian law and why Canada isn't a real country that YOU will be LIVING IN!

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