The West Is In The Mail ["pure quebecois phenotype"]

Episode 202: The West Is In The Mail ["pure quebecois phenotype"]

Show notes

Dimes and Judas run through a short greatest hits of documentary series Soft White Underbelly while discussing how to raise a child, so they do not end up on Soft White Underbelly. They then dive into geopolitical analyst Peter Zaihan and his predictions of China's imminent downfall, while contrasting with Judas' lived experience on the ground in China. Dimes then takes a timeout in Movie Korner with the recent releases Glass Onion and The Menu, outlining the recent trend of permitted attacks on the nouveau riche by the sneering petit bourgeoise. This builds into a discussion of the famous tract "Discourse on Inequality" by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, which provides the foundation to this anarchistic narrative trend, building the philosophical and political model of the ideal noble savage at one with peaceful nature, going so far as to position knowledge and cooperation themselves as the causes of our corrupted downfall. Lastly on this edition of The Copepranos Society, Dimes sits down with beloved The Woodlander, an expert on off-grid living and dissident homesteading. Listen to him recount his political navigations, how he built a life in the forest, and what you need to know to get into this lifestyle yourself. Everyone is gonna love this one.

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