Your Life as a Stock Establishing Shot [009100106]

Episode 103: Your Life as a Stock Establishing Shot [009100106]

Show notes

Boisz talmbout Cyberpunk 2077 and Right Wing people disconnecting from mainstream culture, Barack Obama's favourite books, and a Chris-Chan/Lolcow thing. Finally, the book War of the Flea by Robert Taber and how guerrilla revolutionary uprisings across countries in the 20th century mirror what we are dealing with now, including their influences, tactics, evolution, and how they can be defeated.

Timecodes: 6:15 - Marvel Mythology 12:50 - Obama’s Focus Group Image 17:30 - Negro Plasty Supremacy Rift 20:13-  Enjoying Video Games or Cyber Punk Trannies Propaganda 38:55 - Chris Chan 43:45 - Aging and Relevancy Full Steam Ahead 1:03:50 - War of the Flea Book Review

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