Yule Miss Me When I'm Mr. Gone [comfycoffee eppy]

Episode 105: Yule Miss Me When I'm Mr. Gone [comfycoffee eppy]

Show notes

This one's a little late because we were gonna take the Christmas one off, but we came back for you. This is more of a laid back cool guy episode, but we do touch on the brief history of the KGB and the USSR in relation to their own imperialism forcing the hand of everyone else, Christmas movies, YHWH Incel Penguin, the Nashville bombing, Make-A-Wish for Child Prostitutes, and how predicting how events will unfold seems to ultimately poison people to ever admitting you were right and they'd prefer to live in an insane world than admit you're not insane. Also some Covid/Vaccine stuff, you probably know what the take is but come along for the ride anyway. And yeah the title is a reference to The Maxx, nerd.

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